By now anyone who is interested in this topic you are well aware of the Point Pleasant Mothman, the movie and the lore.


But the strange Moth, Bat, Owl creature with is ominous glowing red eyes has been seen most recently flying around the O’hare airport.


We have set up a ongoing map of sighting and reports that we have collected or have found on reputable online sites that also take reports.

2017 Reports

2018 Reports

2019 Reports

2020 Reports

2021 Reports

Mothman is said to be a 6-7 foot tall man shaped entity with glowing red eyes, and membrane wings that stretch up to 12 feet across.

They have been said to have a ominous presents and been reported at sites of major disasters.


The CAPS Team has noted that around the world similar creatures to what we in the US refer to as Mothman also exist, and the similarities are striking. Is it possible that like Bigfoot, who goes by different names such as Sasquatch, Yeti, Yaren, Yowie could Mothman also be one and the same? Lets take a look…


Ahool or Athol

Java & Indonesia
A winged Cryptid that is said to look a giant bat or a flying primate

The name comes from the distinct call that sounds like “AHOOoooL”



New Guinea

Has a long snout and large wings with a long thin crest  


Orang Bati

Southeast Aisa

Flying primate, said to steal children.



Area near Mount St. Helens USA, 1980’s

Yellow eyes, wolf like muzzle, bird like feet, leathery bat wings. Said to be 9 feet tall.



Filipino Folklore

Werewolf Vampire creature of the Philippines, the name means “Demon”



Congo, Angola, and Zambia Africa.

Although this is suppose to be more of a flying dinosaur, a lot of other website group it in with the Moth/Bat/Owl


There is also a lot of legends about the Thunderbird in this same category, however there isn’t much to go on with the whole red glowing eyes, and Thunderbirds are not typically seen perched on the fence in your backyard either, as the Mothman has been seen, as well as neighborhood roofs.

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