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Bigfoot Sighting Map: Wisconsin/Upper Michigan

*Blue Dots are CAPS Reports and Investigations 
*Red Dots are Bigfoot Field Researchers Orginization Reports (BFRO)







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Stick Structures

Some believe that Bigfoot create stick structures, and while some it may be hard to tell if it was made by a person, when you are on private property with security cameras monitoring who comes and goes, it becomes very clean that they were not made by a person.


How do you know if the stick structure is made or happened naturally? One of the basic ways to tell, is if it appears to be interwoven. We have also found that structures do not have any limbs extending from the branches that they are constructed with, meaning they are all straight sticks with no smaller branches on them.


There are several different types of structures to look for when you are out walking, Here are some examples to keep an eye out for.






An example of sticks woven together





An asterisk: A symbol or glyph that is created on the ground by sticks, typically in the shape of an X or an *    

Teepee: A structure that forms what is commonly referred to as a Teepee, these can be small under 5 feet or large 15 feet or more, some have been reported having been made of whole trees.
Although rare, some have been reported having the trees root ball in the vertical position meaning that the entire tree would have been pulled up and flipped over before being placed into the structure.




Stuffings: typically found at the base of two or more small trees, we find a collection of sticks wedged into the space between the trees.


An Arch: a smaller tree that has been bent over to the ground creating an arch shape, the top of the tree is pinned in place by another stick or a rock so that it doesn't spring back up. Some trees can grow like this, or bend with snow load, its important to note how the tree is staying in this position.




X or Cross: An X made of two sticks, again, not branches they do not have anything sticking off them. Can also very in size from small to very big like the one here.

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