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Episode 1: Haunted Burlington

After reviewing reports of multiple strange happenings in the Burlington, WI. area, Barnaby and long time friend, and paranormal investigator, Derek head down to investigate. Soon after, The CAPS team would return to one specific wooded area for a month long investigation that covers everything from Bigfoot, to UFOs, from Fairies, to spirits.
The CAPS team is joined by special guest, and renowned author of Haunted Burlington, Mary Sutherland.

Episode 2: A Haunted, Haunted House

For four years, Misery Haunted House was located in a real haunted building, throughout that time several paranormal investigations were done, and the actors had encounters of their own, relive the stories of the actors and see first hand investigation footage.

Episode 3: Urban Legends

From hitchhiking ghosts to the woman in white, brides and grooms trapped in an endless love story, haunted bridges and creepy dead end roads, urban legends come from all corners of Wisconsin, but are these tales based on any evidence? Are these areas high in activity because of tragedies that happened there or is there something else going on? The CAPS team travels across Wisconsin in search of answers.  

Season 2, Episode 1: The Paulding Light

The CAPS Team ventures to the wilds of Upper Michigan to try to debunk the Paulding Light mystery. While there, the team performs a thorough investigation including Bigfoot, Ghost lights and other spirits.

Season 2, Episode 2: The Test

Both Derek and Cosmic Phathom claim to have the ability to communicate with the other side, but is there any truth to this? We take each of them to a blind location to test their skills, and see if there is any proof to their claims.

Season 2, Episode 3: The Hyden Adventure

The CAPS Team travels to Upper Michigan to spend Memorial Day weekend investigating The Hyden Adventure! After catching a series of 3 Trail cam pictures in 2012 with a strange anomaly in the middle one that some believe is a Bigfoot, Craig sent the images to Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot, who came out to do an investigation. Craig has now opened part of his property up to enthusiasts who want to view the evidence he has gathered since 2012 for themselves. Our team was granted special permission to spend, not only the night at the Hyden Adventure, but the entire Memorial Day weekend.

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