DATE: 10-11-2020




Shadow man with a tall hat, Woman watching in the mirror in the old downstairs dressing room, lights being turned on, door slamming on its own, children laughing, sound of a ball bouncing.           



Brief History:
The building was originally built in 1877 by Michael Gainor, was sold to his son Joseph and his wife, and then sold to their nephew Floyd Reiland and his wife Frances “Babe” Reiland.


Unfortunately, on Aug. 13th 1970 due to a on going illness, Frances took her life in the now bar area of the building.


The building was passed down to the children of Floyd and Frances who rented it out until a fire burned the living quarters of the building on Oct. 11th 1987 killing three children.  


The living quarters half of the building and was torn down, and in 1993 the building was reopened as Beansnappers.  




Our team of Ethan and Barnaby did a preliminary investigation in September, and spent some time in the basement area having what they believe to be a conversation with an entity that used a light bulb in the far back room to communicate.

They also captured two unknown voices, one on a our thermal image video camera, that we think says “Who owns this place” and another on our audio recorder we think says “nooo” or “Gooo”


For the next few weeks the team spent doing research and investigating the history, when we found out about the fire that claimed the lives of the 3 children we were hopeful that if we returned to the building on that day we may have more luck interacting with them.


Oct. 11th 20202

The team of Ethan, and Barnaby returned along with Ma and Ethan’s wife Kayla.

We set up Kayla as one of the girls and hoped that what ever was there would be more comfortable interacting with her.

The team split up throughout the building, Ethan, Barnaby and JB (one of the bartender/bouncers) from Bean Snappers took to the basement where all three of them had had personal experience in the past.

Each took turns sitting in the back room middle room and main room, and each of them had some sort of uneasy feeling in the far room where the light had flashed, but nothing that was recordable or showed on any of the equipment.

Ma headed up stairs to the old ball room to try and communicate with the children using rubber bouncy balls and her Ovilus 5.

Kayla spent some time in the bottom dressing room where the woman was seen in the mirror and in the bigger upstairs dressing room that is still currently used. She spent her time walking between these as if she was a normal worker here.


The team came back together and headed up to the ball room to see if they could get anything to communicate.

They also worked in the dressing room upstairs trying to debunk some of the claims.

Finally the whole team took on the main bar stage area, where they captured another unknown voice on the audio that we think says “go back to the bar”


We wrapped up the investigation that day by discussing our personal experiences and what happened.

We were unable to debunk any of the claims, although some of the stuff could be recreated, it wasn’t the same situation or circumstances as described by the witnesses.


With as much history as the building has, and as many witnesses as have come forward with their own claims, and our personal experiences. There is no doubt that this could be a rather active building.

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