Beetown, WI


DATE: 11-13-2020 ~ On-Going





In 2012/2013 What witness believes to have been a Bigfoot came onto his property and was watching him through his bedroom window, he could hear the creature breathing, and held his breath to make sure it wasn't his own, but the beathing continues outside, witness went to look out side with his shotgun but did not see anything.
Same property, later date, had creature growl at him while hunting, left a residue on the window of his vehicle.


2017 Another property, witness had a gourd thrown at her while working in her garden, and smelled a foul smell.


October 2020, trail cam removed from tree and left damaged on the ground, the bright blue bungee cord that held it to the tree had been taken.



Yesterdaze Bar, motion sensor decorations have gone off by themselves, TV and lights have turned on and off. Current bar staff believes this to be the bars former owner "Red" who loved his bar, and on his death bed was worried about it, that it would be taken care of after he was gone.



The CAPS Team traveled to the very bottom edge of Wisconsin to Beetown, where we were welcomed with open arms by the whole town! CAPS co-hosted a town hall style meet and greet for some local witnesses and some Bigfoot researchers from Wisconsin and Iowa, we made some new friends, talked with a lot of great witnesses and had a really great time.


While in town the team was invited to investigate the possibly haunted Yesterdaze bar, with a history dating back to the 1800's when it was suppose to have been a black smith shop, then an auto garage, and now a bar. The building used to be two buildings with the one next door a former Masonic Lodge, how cool is that? The CAPS team hung around playing pool till bar close and set up for a exciting night of haunting before catching only a few hours of sleep before heading back out the next day to meet with local witnesses who claimed to have Bigfoot activity on their properties. Despite a light rain we had a great day as well, and made some contacts in the area to keep in touch and head out under better weather conditions for a much deeper investigation in 2021!

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