Burlington Woods


DATE: 07-29-2019 ~ On-Going




Bigfoot, Fairies, Portals, Trolls, Orbs of light, Mist that alters Time, Spirits and UFOS.



Upon our first trip to the woods, we stopped in the small parking lot and immediately began hearing the sounds of branches cracking as if something big was moving through the woods. We did not enter the woods at this time however due to being unfamiliar with the layout and trails ect.

A full investigation team returned on Aug. 3rd 2019 and performed a day and a night investigation. During both we experienced what can be described as Bigfoot activity, we heard whistles, twigs snaps, and a large branch being torn from a tree, as well as a  deep guttural growl all during the day. When we ventured back in at night we caught what could be a possible Bigfoot on our thermal imaging camera. The creature was peeking out from behind a tree. What ever it was, it was a living thing because it moved, even with flashlights trained on the location we were unable to see what was causing the heat signature with our naked eyes.

Subsequent trips into these woods have resulted in other activities.


We have set up trail cams in different locations, and varying lengths of time, but captured nothing truly out of the ordinary yet. (Jan. 2020)


The woods are broken into what we have come to know as sections, each area seems to have its own energy and phenomenon. There is an area of Bigfoot Activity, and area of Fairies and wood spirits, and an area of Shamanic or Spiritual Energy.


We have used EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Detectors to have question and answer sessions with entities who may inhabit these woods. Among these were two memorable accounts of a chat with something that claimed to be a Fairy, and a Spirit who wanted us to leave his area.    


We have also caught what could be woods knocks and a Bigfoot howl during a night investigation.


This area never disappoints and is a walk in the woods any day. Our investigation into the Burlington woods at this point is still ongoing and we hope to provide follow ups as more evidence is collected.  


Original Thermal image of "Bigfoot" peeking out, back and forth from behind a tree before going behind the tree and disappearing.


Inhanced close up of the thermal image.

One of a series of Bare foot prints roughly 10" long, found in the middle of the woods. Likely a human print, but not sure why someone was waslking around barefoot in the woods? Not even near a path. These were also found in the location we heard the movement in the woods during our first investigation.

On the Small size for a bigfoot as well, but shown for thoroughness.

We heard small twigs snaping above us on the ridge, and whistles from in front of us, and replies from the other side of the marsh. As we decided to head up the ridge to investigate up there, a massive branch was broken from the other side of the marsh.

Night investigation a howl came from by the ridge area in the woods. We have heard planes, helicopters, Coyote, and other animal sounds, but nothing like this before out here.

For more information check out our Haunted Burlington Episode, and our round table discussion.

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