Misery Haunted House

CASE FILE: Misery Haunted House

DATE: Jan. 2015- Dec. 2017

LOCATION: Misery Haunted House


Shadow people, moving dolls, disembodied voices.


During the 3 years that Misery Haunted House was located in this building we would periodically conduct investigations into things that had recently interacted with us during the course of building the attraction, or being open and having our staff experience encounters.


1. During the original set up of the walls and scenes, two staff were working on building walls when they hear a small child start "laughing" at them.


2. A small child size shadow person will "peek out" from around corners and edges of the wall.


3. The floor is old cement and is starting to crumble, while working on main attraction foot steps can be heard in the outer hall way surrounding the attraction, when investigated no one was there/no one else in the building at all.


4. During opening weekend, dolls in the "doll room" scene would turn their heads and move, after a fire drill, the actor in this room returned to find one of the dolls standing in the middle of the floor.


5.  In the "pet shop" scene there was a cage door that would open without any interactions, even when closed the door would open again. the actor in the room asked if who ever was doing this could do it again, and the door opened on command.


6. "pet shop" scene, 4'x8' cage wall was attached at the top and side, but stood on the floor got pushed on a few occasions into one actor who was working that room.


7. "pet shop" scene, the curtain that led to the outer hallway would get pulled back at child height as if a child was peeking into the room, when investigated no one was in the hallway. building is also not drafty, especially with so many walls and turns blocking any air movement.


8. “Pet shop” scene, a turkey decoy in a cage lunged forward, with three witnesses. It moved and they heard it move.


9. Actor in the “laboratory” saw a shadow person, when investigating with the thermal imaging camera a cold shape appeared on the screen at the same time the actor saw something move.


10. “Factory” scene, a motion sensor prop repeatedly was triggered, checked to see if any movement of walls or other props or lights could be causing the trigger but none was detected.  


11. “Factory” scene, an actor heard footsteps walking in the hallway outside their room, but upon investigations no on was in the hallway.


12. “Swamp” scene, while working on scenic lighting prior to opening for the season, working late one night a 6’ tall fake tree began shaking, upon investigating the tree was launched over a Styrofoam block and lay across the walking path. The tree was weighted with a cement base; the tree could not be easily tipped over. We reviewed security camera footage and although you could vaguely see the tree fall over. You can not see anyone else enter or leave or move around in the entire building.


13. While investigating late one night our team saw what we thought was the landlord walking across a room, when we went to check we could not find anyone over there. We did catch a disembodied voice of a little girl, it said “Scary” and “I’m scared”



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