The Hyden Adventure





In May 2003 a trail cam photo was captured of what could be a Bigfoot. The photo was sent into Finding Bigfoot where the team actually came out to Craig and Barb Sulks property to do an investigation.

Since 2003 Craig opens his property to anyone interested in seeing and hearing about the evidence that has been captured on his property since 2003. He calls this the Hyden Adventure because, Bigfoot is Hyden.


The original investigation was suppose to only be over Memorial Day weekend 2020, but the team has been invited to continue on as the official and only team allowed full access to investigate the property.

The CAPS team has found the gamut of Bigfoot evidence on the Hyden property.


May: The team captured a series of audio recordings of a creature making a “Woop” sound over and over; the sound was recorded on multiple occasions throughout the weekend, either in the morning or at dusk only though. The sound came from the west of the 80 acre property and was originated on the neighbor’s property, that we did not have permission to investigate.

We also found several stick structures throughout the property, the smallest being small stick stuffings around some trees, and the largest in a teepee style structure that is almost 8 feet tall.

There was also a footprint left in the grass near one of the stick structures. We were not able to cast the print though as it was not into the dirt only matting down on the foliage.


June: We began an area we call the TEST AREA in which we found several stick structures. We wanted to find out if these were natural or if they were made. We documented everything then we laid it all flat on the ground. Our goal is to see if something rebuilt them or if they showed up over time naturally one stick at a time.


July: The team continues to work section by section of the property working a previously flooded swamp area, and find another stick structure and a series of foot prints, the best of which we were able to make a cast of. Our night time base camp stake outs continue.

Deploy an array of trail cameras that are set on time lapse to take a picture every 2 minutes no matter if triggered of not, in the hopes to get lucky and catch something out of the range of the motion sensors.


Aug: A new strategy, one team is set up at base camp to observe and listen, while a second team is set out onto the property to shake up anything out there in the hopes that by splitting the team we will have a better chance at catching something moving to keep up with the moving team and the base camp team will be able to get activity.

By using the split team strategy we have been able to capture the best data so far on the property including, vocals, movement through the woods, a possible thermal video as well as what our team believes to be one captured on a trail camera. Last but not least a personal encounter with a member of our team.


Sept/through winter: The Sulks area avid hunters so the team is limited to what we can due during the hunting season and then during the colder winter months.

We will continue to monitor the property through the cold months both in person boots on the ground watching for foot prints in the snow, new stick structures and other evidence.

Our trail cameras will also be deployed through the winter as well.

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