The Paulding Light

CASE FILE: The Paulding Light

DATE: 09-21-2019
LOCATION:  Paulding, Mi.



A ghost light that appears at the end of old Hwy 45, a 6” foot tall white rabbit, Bigfoot activity in the area. Orbs of light that follow/chase people down the trail.



Our team ventured down the trail leading out from the guard rail, the trail is an ATV/Snowmobile trail, it goes straight at the light for about a mile, then veers off to the left where it meets up with new Hwy. 45.

Our team walked out about halfway down the veer, when we lost radio contact with our team at the light viewing spot. Our team experienced weird feeling of being watched or followed along the trail.

We returned to base and set out with a vehicle to see if we could recreate the light with our own car.

There is a theory that the light is from vehicle lights along a stretch of new Hwy 45. a group of Michigan Tech students did a project with a telescope where they located a specific stretch of HWY and an adopt a highway sign.

Several other TV shows and people have attempted to recreate the light with vehicle lights as well with no luck.

We were unsuccessful in our attempt to recreate the light on our trip, however, after getting home, we realized that our attempt was along the wrong section of the highway.  

None the less, we feel that the vehicle lights are what is causing the light, based on evidence from two different view points shows a vehicle driving along the new 45 at the time when we saw the light.


Another theory of what the light that a train brakeman with a lantern who tried to stop a train, and got killed in the process. Our team set out to test this theory with an EMF session to see if anything would make contact via energy or voice. We received a few pointed spikes on the meter when asking specific questions, but when another spectator who was there to witness the light left, so did whatever was communicating with us.  


While on location, we decided to investigate the local Bigfoot scene. We spread out and did some whistles. We received a whistle back from something. We were the only people still out there at this time. We did not find anything on the thermal imaging camera.



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