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Join the CAPS Team on these Public Investigations

Have you ever wanted to go out and look for Bigfoot?

Do you want to legally, and safely go to a haunted location to investigate?


Here is your chance to come out with a professional team of investigators and experience first hand all the excitement!


Check out the events below to purchase tickets!
Please read the rules of each event carefully so you are prepared for what you need to bring, what is and is NOT allowed at each location, and how you should dress and prepare for your adventure!

CAPS is hosting Public Paranormal investigations!

Investigate a building built in 1877 by Michael Gainor, the building remained in the family, passed down generation to generation until it was purchased in 1993 by Beansnappers.


There have been 4 verified deaths in the building including one of the former owners who unfortunately took her own life, and 3 children who died in a fire when the second half of the building burned.


Staff have claimed everything from a tall man in a hat roaming the halls and back area of the building, disembodied voices, the sound of a bouncing ball as if someone was playing jacks, lights turn on by themselves, objects moving and doors open and close on there own.  GET TICKETS HERE!

CAPS will co-hosting and be a guest speaking at the 2022 Marinette/Menominee Bigfoot & Paranormal Convention.

Full list of speakers coming soon!
Get your tickets in advance!


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