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Cryptids, Anomalies, and the Paranormal Society

Mission Statement:

To research, investigate, and document all aspects of the Paranormal, Unexplained, and Unknown, to seek connections and follow all leads that may link these phenomenon together using a diverse team of researchers and investigators specializing in each field.

To present our findings in an informative and entertaining program.


If you have encountered something and are willing to share your experience, we want to hear your story, please contact us.

Have you ever wanted to go on a paranormal investigation with a professional team of investigators?


Now is your chance! CAPS and Beansnappers are teaming up!


Investigate a building built in 1877 by Michael Gainor, the building remained in the family, passed down generation to generation until it was purchased in 1993 by Beansnappers.


There have been 4 verified deaths in the building including one of the former owners who unfortunately took her own life, and 3 children who died in a fire when the second half of the building burned.


Staff have claimed everything from a tall man in a hat roaming the halls and back area of the building, disembodied voices, the sound of a bouncing ball as if someone was playing jacks, lights turn on by themselves, objects moving and doors open and close on there own.


In 2020 the CAPS team did their initial investigation and captured 3 voices in the building. Since the initial investigation the CAPS team has done 2 follow up investigations, and captured more evidence each time.




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