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Cryptids, Anomalies, and the Paranormal Society

Mission Statement:

To research, investigate, and document all aspects of the Paranormal, Unexplained, and Unknown, to seek connections and follow all leads that may link these phenomenon together using a diverse team of researchers and investigators specializing in each field.

To present our findings in an informative and entertaining program.


If you have encountered something and are willing to share your experience, we want to hear your story, please contact us.

Today, the CAPS TEAM is asking for your support, not for us, but for a dear friend of the Team.


Craig Sulk Owner of The Hyden Adventure - Bigfoot in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

was diagnosed with a Rare and incurable cancer.

Although Craig and his wife Barb have insurance, they need help covering the out of pocket Expenses.

Craig is currently in the ICU, and is not doing well, he was placed on hospic care.
Please consider making a donation to help cover their expenses, and if you can not... Please share this everywhere.

Over the past year, Craig has become not just a friend, or a member of the team, but he is like an uncle to me. - Barnaby.

Thank you all!

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Have you ever wanted to go on a paranormal investigation with a professional team of investigators?


Now is your chance! CAPS and Beansnappers are teaming up!


Investigate a building built in 1877 by Michael Gainor, the building remained in the family, passed down generation to generation until it was purchased in 1993 by Beansnappers.


There have been 4 verified deaths in the building including one of the former owners who unfortunately took her own life, and 3 children who died in a fire when the second half of the building burned.


Staff have claimed everything from a tall man in a hat roaming the halls and back area of the building, disembodied voices, the sound of a bouncing ball as if someone was playing jacks, lights turn on by themselves, objects moving and doors open and close on there own.


In 2020 the CAPS team did their initial investigation and captured 3 voices in the building. Since the initial investigation the CAPS team has done 2 follow up investigations, and captured more evidence each time.




Meet Cryptids Anomalies and the Paranormal Society in person!
We will be speaking in Mountain Wi on May 8th about our research and personal experiences with Bigfoot around Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. See evidence including Footprint and handprint casts from Rhinelnader Wi.
Listen to the CAPS TEAM then there will be an open floor to tell your stories!
The team is planning to do an investigation in the Mountain Wi area and we want to know what you have seen! This will be a judgement free zone for you to tell about your encounters and hear others stories.
we will have a map for you to help us plot movement and times as well!
Whether you are a enthusiast or a witness there is something for everyone!
CAPS will have Tshirts and DVDs, and other merchandise for sale!
Karen's Unique gifts will also have a ton of Bigfoot related gifts for sale, so you don't have to leave empty handed.
We hope to see you there!

January 30th 2021 The CAPS team will be at the Paulding light testing the theory that the mysterious light is nothing more than car head lights.

In 2019 our team did an investigation but came to find out that the location we thought was where the lights were suppose to be coming from was not where many believe. so we are back at it, to test once and for all if the light is nothing more than car head lights.

We are inviting all our fans to come out and investigate with us! Join the fun, and tell us what you think in person, be ON AN EPISODE of our show, or just hang out in the back ground and watch us work.

We plan to start testing at dusk on Saturday January 30th at the Paulding light look out area. Come on out and join us!

December 26th 2020

Are you excited for our two part season finale? If you can’t wait for part 2 of the Rhinelander Howls episode, stop out to The Hodag store in Rhinelander and pick up a copy of part 1 & 2 on DVD for only $20!

The Rhinelander Howls has our biggest investigation to date, and our most compelling evidence. You can find even more footage on the DVD with over 30 minutes of bonus footage! Stop out and check it out!
If you can’t make it out to The Hodag Store Stay tuned from part two on January 24th on YouTube!

December 12th 2020:
We promised a while ago that we were working on something brand new with our pod cast, and it is almost ready!
Coming early 2021, to all your favorite pod cast sites, Whispers from the Dark, the official CAPS podcast!
If you liked our original, you will love our new one! If you didn't like our old one, give our new one another try, we have a brand new format, not only will you still get the behind the scenes stories and information from what we are working on, you will also get interviews from witnesses we have recorded over the past year! We will also have special guests, authors, experts, researches and more!

We are currently working on rebroadcasting our original episodes now, and recording brand new ones, so stay tuned!!!

Cryptids, Anomalies, and the Paranormal Society now has a Patreon!

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November 13th 2020:
The CAPS Team traveled to the very bottom edge of Wisconsin to Beetown, where we were welcomed with open arms by the whole town! CAPS co-hosted a town hall style meet and greet for some local witnesses and some Bigfoot researchers from Wisconsin and Iowa, we made some new friends, talked with a lot of great witnesses and had a really great time.


While in town the team was invited to investigate the possibly haunted Yesterdaze bar, with a history dating back to the 1800's when it was suppose to have been a black smith shop, then an auto garage, and now a bar. The building used to be two buildings with the one next door a former Masonic Lodge, how cool is that? The CAPS team hung around playing pool till bar close and set up for a exciting night of haunting before catching only a few hours of sleep before heading back out the next day to meet with local witnesses who claimed to have Bigfoot activity on their properties. Despite a light rain we had a great day as well, and made some contacts in the area to keep in touch and head out under better weather conditions for a much deeper investigation in 2021!

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