Wisconsin's Most Haunted Location

Cryptids, Anomalies, and the Paranormal Society is on a mission to find the most haunted location in Wisconsin. We need YOUR help!

Do you own a haunted building? Is your own house haunted? Do you run a haunted tourist attraction?

If you think your location is the most haunted spot in Wisconsin fill out an application and let us know!
Our team will look over all the location and choose the top 5 location to do an in person investigation this winter!

Then once we have completed all 5 locations, and gone over all the evidence, we will be releasing a 5 episode series on our YouTube channel in the spring, the public can vote for which location they think is “Wisconsin’s Most Haunted” by hitting the LIKE button on that episode before July 4th 2024 The winner will be named Wisconsin’s Most Haunted Location and receive a prize of $500!

In order to enter fill out the application below,  you can also submit video, audio and photographic evidence to support your claim, you can also send us a link to a website or YouTube video of that location or the activity there! All entries must be submitted by October 31st 2023, we will contact the 5 nominees by Dec. 1st to arrange our in person investigations.

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