Marinette/Menominee Bigfoot & Paranormal Convention

May 31st & June 1st 2024

Best Western Riverfront Inn
1821 Riverside Ave, Marinette, Wi. 54143

The 2024 Marinette/Menominee Bigfoot & Paranormal Convention


May 31st and June 1st
Best Western Conference Center in Marinette Wisconsin
Doors open at 10am for vendor shopping and first speaker at 10:30am

Another entertaining and informative event comes your way hear stories of legends and lore, local tales of Sasquatch just out side of Menominee, and the latest scientific breakthroughs in the search for the illusive hairy man!

The festivities kick off with a bigfoot hike at the Hyden Adventure Friday May 31st at 7pm led by esteemed researchers Rich Daniels and Barnaby Jones.
The Hyden Adventure is 80 acres of private land, that was made famous in 2012 when a series of 3 game camera photos reveled what many believe was a Sasquatch, was featured on the hit Animal Planet TV Show “FINDING BIGFOOT” Since 2020 Barnaby and his team (Cryptids, Anomalies, and the Paranormal Society) have been conducting research and investigations on the property.
Rich Daniels, who has been a speaker at our convention before, had a first hand experience with what can only be described as a bigfoot while spending the night on the property.

Saturday June 1st things heat up as the convention officially kicks off at 10am with some amazing vendors who will have all sorts of cryptid, paranormal, and bigfoot!
Our First Speaker will be up at 10:30am

Joining this years convention will be the returning Rich Daniels, Barnaby Jones and Chad Lewis, and for the first time Doug Hajieck (MonsterQuest, and Sasquatch Legend Meets Science)

Stick around for Saturday evening as the very talented Angela Zabel will be holding a Medium Gallery Reading at 7pm to wrap up a informative and festive convention


10:00am           Convention Opens

10:30am           Rich Daniels                
11:30am           Vendor Shopping Time
12:00pm           Chad Lewis                 
1:00pm             LUNCH BREAK
2:00pm             Barnaby Jones             
3:00pm             Vendor Shopping Time
3:30pm             Doug Hajieck              

7:00pm Angela Zabel                Gallery Reading

2024 Speaker Line up:

Doug Hajicek

Doug Hajicek has had a very successful Television career spanning over 35 years. His accomplishments are also many in the Television and scientific world. His World firsts include building the camera system that filmed the first giant squid well over 54' feet long living in its natural habitat. See (Predators of The Deep) 2 hour History Channel Special 2020. He was also responsible for Filming the first ever birth of wild Black Bears and the first to document wild Mammals of different species co-habituating. He is the Creator and Producer for the hit TV series "MonsterQuest" airing on: The History Channel, 4 seasons. 70 one hour episodes. Doug Hajicek resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Other series he produced: Call of the Wild - PBS, House of Babies - Discovery, The Man Who Walks With Bears - Animal Planet, Narrated by Mark Hamill, North Country, NBC, Golf Bound series, Tech Director Survivorman Bigfoot-Les Stroud- Discovery, Consultant In Search Of Series- History, The Proof is Out There - History. Britain's Big Cat Mystery A&E Television 2022 Big Cat Hunters - A&E Television 2022. Giganto- The Real King Kong- film- History Channel. Hajicek also invented interactive and patented Augmented Holographic theaters. He also Hosts the Popular Utold Radio AM live show and Podcast since 2020. Hajicek also has many writing credits along with the creation of a many Book Covers. He has appeared on the Today Show numerous times, along with hundreds of podcasts and Magazine articles including Newsweek.

Rich Daniels

Like many in the Bigfoot Community, Rich’s journey in pursuit of the truth about
the phenomenon began with an incident that no one could explain. An encounter
in January of 2000 lay unresolved in his mind for five years until a chance viewing
of a Bigfoot documentary provided the insight into that experience.
Since 2005, Rich has worked to reveal answers to the many questions of the
Bigfoot Phenomenon. His journey has taken him from shocked witness, to
armchair enthusiast, to field researcher, and finally to citizen-scientist. Rich has
reviewed thousands and thousands of sighting reports, interviewed over seven
hundred witnesses, and ventured into areas of research few others ever have.
In 2016, Rich became aware of a connection between the traumatic aftereffects
reported to him by many Bigfoot witnesses and those reported by patients he
worked with as a mental/behavioral health paraprofessional. His twelve years of
experience in the mental/behavioral health field were put to a test when he
undertook a study to document those aftereffects in Bigfoot witnesses with a
case study that encompassed over four hundred witnesses interviewed, over
1200 hours of interview time, and three years of work.
Published in 2019, that study to this day remains unchallenged by anyone in the
Bigfoot Community and proposed a new mental health disorder: Paranormal
Encounter Syndrome, a condition of acute stress response approaching PTSD. In
his first-ever book “Footprints In The Mind: The Bigfoot Witness Experience”, Rich
breaks down what a traumatic Bigfoot encounter can be like from behind the eyes
of the witness.
Rich Daniels lives and works as an educator in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is a
widower and has one daughter, a United States Army pilot in-training.

Chad Lewis

Chad Lewis is a researcher, author, and lecturer on topics of the strange and unusual. His background is in the field of Psychology and he did both his Bachelor and Master degree work in the field- but for nearly 30 years He has traveled the globe in search of unique and bizarre stories and history.

Here are just a few of the places he has ventured to in search of the strange and unusual:

​Chupacabras- Puerto Rico, Costa Rica

​Tata Duende- Belize, Guatemala

​Mothman-Point Pleasant (West Virginia)

​Wendigo-Canada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan

​Van Meter Visitor- Van Meter, Iowa

​Beast of Bray Road- Elkhorn, WI

​Bigfoot- Canada, United States


​UFOs- Kecksburg (Pennsylvania), Aurora (Texas), Area 51 (Nevada), Aztec Crash Site (New Mexico), Roswell (New Mexico), UFO Watch Tower (Colorado) UFO Landing Site (WI) UFO Capitol of the World (Elmwood, Dundee, Belleville)

​Famous Haunted Places- Gettysburg (Pennsylvania), New Orleans Cemetery(Louisiana) Villisca Ax Murder House (Iowa) , Summerwind (WI) Bachelor's Grove (IL) Too many to list

​Haunted Castles & Tunnels(London),Deadwood (South Dakota)

​Spook Lights- Hornet Spook Light (Missouri), Paulding Spook Light (Michigan)

​Sea Serpents- Bessie (Lake Erie), Champ (Lake Champlain), Lough Ree (Ireland), Nessie(Loch Ness, Scotland), Pepie (Lake Pepin Monster in WI and MN) Flathead Lake Monster (Montana) Lake Monona, Mendota, Red Cedar, Devil's Lake, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Lake Huron, Lake Ontario and many more.....

​Vampires-Transylvania (Romania)

​Skunk Ape -Florida

​Hellhounds- Nicaragua, Belize

​Gnomes – Ireland, Scotland, France

​Crop Circles - WI, MN, IA

Barnaby Jones

Barnaby Jones is a cryptozoologist and a paranormal researcher. He is the founder and lead investigator for Cryptids, Anomalies, and the Paranormal Society (CAPS) based in Wisconsin. Barnaby is the host of Whispers from the Dark podcast, and Monsters on the Edge on the untold Radio Network. He has also appeared on numerous podcasts including The Morning Show on WPR, and spoken at libraries, conventions and conferences all over the US. You can also see the CAPS team on their YouTube channel and their series “On the Trail of Undiscovered Beasts” on PARAFlixx Paranormal+ Streaming service.
Barnaby has traveled in search of the unknown from haunted coal mines and Goatmen in
Kentucky, Battle Field specters in Gettysburg, Sasquatch in Colorado, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Ohio and more.
Although well traveled, the primary location of research is just outside or Menominee Michigan on 80 acres of private land known as the Hyden Adventure. Since 2020, the CAPS team has been able to document stick structures, audio calls, footprints, thermal imaging, and trail camera photographic evidence of Sasquatch activity on the property.


Angela Zabel

Angela works with love, compassion and humor. Life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. Understanding and deepening our knowledge about ourselves and our world helps in our expansion of our Soul’s, those around us and the world we live in. We are multidimensional. What does that mean? We are Soul’s that can connect to all knowledge, dimensions or energetic beings. This is our natural state of being. Intuition is a part of this connection that we can use on an everyday basis. There are many energetic beings that are available to join and share with us on our journey. Angela connects to past Loved ones, Angelic realms, earth, sky and animal realms along with star nations, consciousnesses and knowledge fields. This is part of the Team Angela works with. Working in Love and White light to share guidance from all energetic realms. Specific information is shared to help people on their journey. 

The information can be shared through messages from past loved ones, personal and Spiritual coaching, and current life guidance including oracle cards. Angela offers Zoom online private sessions, private and corporate group sessions, online and in person intuition and mediumship classes. Hosting specialized retreats, classes, writing, speaking engagements and Radio Talk Show Host. Check out more at


Saturday Night Psycic Gallery Reading 7pm (Add-on Ticket)

Angela connects with loved ones that have passed, giving guidance from the Spirit world in a group setting. She works with compassion, fun and humor and a Team in the non-physical to enlighten those attending. Spirit's personalities shine through.

Seating is limited. Not everyone is guaranteed a reading.


Tickets available here: TICKETS



Cryptids, Anomalies, and the Paranormal Society

American Ghost Walks

Use promo code : UPNORTHBIGFOOT to get a discount when booking their tours!

Higher Love

Past Guest Speakers:

Chistopher Noël


Chistopher Noël is the author of six books about the Sasquatch species, including Sasquatch and Autism, Next of Kin Next Door, Our Life with Bigfoot, Mindspeak, and the novel The Girl Who Spoke with Giants. Most recently, Noël released a full-length documentary, “How to See a Sasquatch,” which covers his thirteen years of field research in northern Vermont.



Ken Gerhard


Allison Jornlin





Barnaby Jones




Shetan Noir




Jay Bachochin



Linda Godfrey



Rich Daniels


Brain Frejo

Bigfoot is Hyden: The incredible true story of strange activities in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Bigfoot is Hyden: The incredible true story of strange activities in Michigan's Upper Peninsula


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