Marinette/Menominee Bigfoot & Paranormal Convention

June  9th & 10th 2023


Best Western Riverfront Inn
1821 Riverside Ave, Marinette, Wi. 54143

2023 Speaker Line up:

Angela Zabel

Angela works with love, compassion and humor. Life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. Understanding and deepening our knowledge about ourselves and our world helps in our expansion of our Soul’s, those around us and the world we live in. We are multidimensional. What does that mean? We are Soul’s that can connect to all knowledge, dimensions or energetic beings. This is our natural state of being. Intuition is a part of this connection that we can use on an everyday basis. There are many energetic beings that are available to join and share with us on our journey. Angela connects to past Loved ones, Angelic realms, earth, sky and animal realms along with star nations, consciousnesses and knowledge fields. This is part of the Team Angela works with. Working in Love and White light to share guidance from all energetic realms. Specific information is shared to help people on their journey. 

The information can be shared through messages from past loved ones, personal and Spiritual coaching, and current life guidance including oracle cards. Angela offers Zoom online private sessions, private and corporate group sessions, online and in person intuition and mediumship classes. Hosting specialized retreats, classes, writing, speaking engagements and Radio Talk Show Host. Check out more at


Saturday Night Psycic Gallery Reading 7pm (Add-on Ticket)

Angela connects with loved ones that have passed, giving guidance from the Spirit world in a group setting. She works with compassion, fun and humor and a Team in the non-physical to enlighten those attending. Spirit's personalities shine through.

Seating is limited. Not everyone is guaranteed a reading.


Tickets available here:

Chad Lewis


Chad Lewis is a researcher, author, and lecturer on topics of the strange and unusual. His background is in the field of Psychology andhe did both his Bachelor and Master degree work in the field- but for nearly 30 years He has traveled the globe in search of unique and bizarre stories and history.

Chistopher Noël


Chistopher Noël is the author of six books about the Sasquatch species, including Sasquatch and Autism, Next of Kin Next Door, Our Life with Bigfoot, Mindspeak, and the novel The Girl Who Spoke with Giants. Most recently, Noël released a full-length documentary, “How to See a Sasquatch,” which covers his thirteen years of field research in northern Vermont.

Barnaby Jones


Founder and lead investigator for Cryptids, Anomalies, and the Paranormal Society (CAPS) , host of two podcasts (Monday Morning Monsters, and Whispers from the Dark) as seen on 'On the Trail of Undiscovered Beasts' on PARAFlixx+ and several YouTube series. Barnaby has traveled across the US in search of the unknown.




Past Guest Speakers:



Ken Gerhard


Allison Jornlin





Barnaby Jones




Shetan Noir




Jay Bachochin



Linda Godfrey



Rich Daniels


Brain Frejo

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