Meet our Team

NAME: Barnaby Jones

TITLE: Founder/Lead Investigator
SPECIALTY: Cryptozoology


BIO: Founder and lead investigator for CAPS, host of two podcasts (Monsters on the Edge, and Whispers from the Dark) I have been interested in Paranormal and Cryptids my whole life, as far back as elementary school I remember doing a research paper on El Chupacabra, and this was at the height of the reports and sightings. Throughout grade school I was investigating cemeteries and other paranormal things. Later on, I opened Misery Haunted House in an actual haunted location and had a lot more paranormal experiences and really got interested in learning more. 2019 I met Craig Sulk (owner of the Hyden Adventure) and after talking with him about the Bigfoot activity on his property I created Cryptids, Anomalies, and the Paranormal Society. CAPS has been going ever since.

INTERESTING FACTS: Diploma in Cryptozoology. I have traveled from New York to California and been to a zoo in almost every state, former Professional Wrestler and owner of Misery Haunted House.

MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: Had a fake tree violently shaken, then thrown at me by an unknown entity while building sets at Misery Haunted House.

Barnaby is the host of "Monsters on the Edge"
On Untold Radio AM

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Barnaby is the main host of "Whispers from the Dark Podcast" The official Podcast of C.A.P.S.

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Barnaby is the former host of "Monday Morning Monsters on WLTK-DB Paranormal Radio

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TITLE: Researcher/Investigator

BIO: Born and raised and educated in Wisconsin.

Have traveled throughout the western states.
Enjoy sewing, crafting, creating and exploring, always learning.
Love to read, examining the facts and solving mysteries.

Work involves data research, and problem solving and developing new methods.


INTERESTING FACTS: Have decades of experience with paranormal.  Read and studied many different authors.

Psychics :  Sylvia Browne, James Van Praagh, John Edwards. 
Paranormal investigators:  Books and pod casts, and radio shows.  Too many to list.
Encounter Books By:   Mary Sutherland, Linda Godfrey,  Chad Lewis.
Studies of the Ancient Peoples, and Native American Folklore, Effigy Mounds, Fairie Lore and other cryptids.
Also UFO encounters and areas that most of these things take place and why.
Along with enjoying the fiction books that sometimes are more truth than fiction.
Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter series, Fablehaven, DragonWatch, Seekers, Eragon series,
and TV series like Star Trek and Supernatural.  Just have some interesting things to add.


MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: Including many paranormal experiences, ghostly communications,
and other strange photographic anomalies.  The shadow person experience, in my own home, was one of the most memorable experiences, that  I would not like to repeat.   Although, in the Burlington woods,  the occurrence of all the characteristics of a Bigfoot encounter, except the actual sighting of one, was pretty memorable too.  I would like to see a bigfoot, but not too close.

NAME: Derek

TITLE: Investigator

BIO: Been ghost hunting for a little over 10 yrs. I am a spirit medium, and the lead investigator for my own ghost hunting group called Ghosthunters of Appleton (G.O.A)




MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: When I was upstairs at an antique store, I picked a toy truck up and down with the price tag on the outside, I left it alone and when I came back to check on the truck, it was askew with the price tag tucked in. I heard a disembodied voice say "who's there" after I asked if anyone is there.

NAME: Ethan

TITLE: Skeptic
SPECIALTY: Debunking

BIO: Originally from Richland Center WI and grew up in a hunting family so I've always been out in the woods and very familiar with the typical sounds and sights.

INTERESTING FACTS: History fanatic and avid scale modeler

MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: While investigating the Burlington Woods, experiencing unidentified movement in the leaves on the ground, that we could not locate or justify the source.

NAME: Kayla

TITLE: Investigator
SPECIALTY: Skeptic and Knowledge of animals

BIO: Born in Wisconsin. Always had an interest in the paranormal, cryptids and anomalies. In my free time I enjoy pole dancing, playing video games and painting. I am a mother of 7 furbabies 5 chinchillas and 2 cats.

INTERESTING FACTS: I've volunteered at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary for a short amount of time learned a lot about animals while doing this. I love to try different things, I'm a thrill seeker whether it's hanging upside down or traveling to places I've never been. I'm skeptical until I have something that proved it to me, a believe it when I see it type deal.


MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: One that sticks out the most a group of friends and I were hanging out at a friend's house which she claimed it to be haunted, obviously I didn't believe it just heard stories. As we were all hanging out in the living room, all of a sudden one of the vases flew off the fire place and no one bumped into it or touched it. All our jaws dropped because we were all in shock. While the vase was falling down couldn't help but feel this powerful energy like anger. That day I honestly believe that my friends house was haunted after that.

NAME: Barbara

TITLE: Investigator
SPECIALTY: Camping & Outdoors

BIO: My name is Barbara and I have a career in home Healthcare and have been working with autistic children for over 20 years. I enjoy outdoor activities like camping, hiking, kayaking and animal photography. I am also an avid rockhound and love painting rocks. My husband and I enjoy traveling with our two puppies exploring new and exciting places.


INTERESTING FACTS: Collector of Yooperlite Rocks

MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: One of the most unique things i have experienced was In 2021 while driving through the Eastern Upper Penninsula of Michigan. It was late and I witnessed what could only be described as a goblin walking on the side of the road. At first I didn't believe my own eyes but there was no doubt. Since my husband and I live in an active haunted house nothing really suprizes me anymore!


Follow Rick and Barbara on all there adventures with Yoopers Onda Moove!



NAME: Rick

TITLE: Investigator
SPECIALTY: Camping & Outdoors

BIO: My name is Rick and I am a Gemini. Ironically this allows me to look at things from multiple perspectives. I enjoy getting out in nature and exploring as well as discovering the unknown. My wife Barbara and I live in a haunted house and have stories that would curl your hair; ever hear ghostly children play hopscotch outside your bedroom door at 2 AM? I tend to be the skeptic looking for rationality when something occurs but with keeping an open mind understanding there is not always a rational answer.





NAME: RezNeck

TITLE: Investigator
SPECIALTY: Paranormal

BIO: RezNeck Ink Therapist & Paranormal investigator. Father of 7 Grandfather 6 Enrolled member of Stockbridge -Munsee tribe. Born & raised in Chicagoland area now hails from Stockbridge-munsee Indian Reservation. I spend my days running small businesses and my nights doing Ink Therapy & studying all things paranormal. All along the while trying to better understand and control my natural gifts. Over the years I have experience the paranormal on several occasions. Everything from living in haunted houses as a child, to seeing shadow people at church to my most recent experiences of the passing of my next door neighbor.


INTERESTING FACTS: Tattoo Artist - RezNeck Ink


MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: I remember as if it was yesterday....I was relaxing watching TV and out on nowhere I was frozen to the bone. Just as if somebody had dropped me into the middle of a giant block of ice.. I remember being so fridge d that I nearly jumped up out of my skin. Instantly my natural reaction was to yell out loud "get the (F) off me!" After I regained my composure I got up & went to the kitchen for a drink, as I passed by my kitchen window I noticed that my neighbors were in there driveway crying. Few minutes later I found out that the head of the household had just passed away few minutes prior.

NAME: Ellie Weisensel

TITLE: Investigator
SPECIALTY: Psychic Medium


BIO: Born in WI and have lived my entire life within 60 miles of birthplace. Even the
two years I worked on the Canadian Border in a little town called Pembina ND I
owned my house in WI and drove home every weekend. (yes it was a long drive
one way) After the two years in ND, I transferred to Minneapolis MN for 9
months, while still traveling home every weekend (and now some week days)
then transferred to Madison WI which allowed me to be home every night. I
never claimed residency in ND or MN.

INTERESTING FACTS: As long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a medium and converse with the
spirit world. I just never imagined it would involve the darker side and entity
releasements that have taken me on a path beyond my wildest dreams. I never
thought that my life would be busier in retirement than it was when I worked full

One weekend I was babysitting my grand-girls at their house, they were ages 5
and 2. The 5 year old was showing mediumship abilities. We were in the living
room watching TV. The hallway light was left on. While watching TV, we all three
had fallen asleep (the TV did not have a timer on it). The girls fell asleep on one
couch and I feel asleep on the other couch. Around 2 am, my oldest grand-
daughter starting screaming, GAGA what is that, GAGA what is that? I woke up to
her screams. There was an apparition hanging in midair between the two
couches. Its back was to me and facing my grand-daughter. Looking at its back it
looked about 3 feet tall and dressed as a girl in a dress with a coat, and in black
boots. It slowly turned its face toward me to show me she was a little girl, till she
grinned that horrific scary grin. I stumbled in the dark searching for my phone as
it had turned off the hall light and the TV and it was pitch black in the house. I
couldn’t find my phone so I stood up and turned to find the living room light
switch to turn on the lights. As I stood up, it dissipated in thin air. I felt like I had
touched an electric fence. I picked up my granddaughter and proceeded to
conduct an entity releasement. The next day I asked her, what she saw and she
replied with a scary old man. At that moment I knew they could show themselves
as they want, however they want, to whom they want.

NAME: Stephanie Lynn

TITLE: Investigator
SPECIALTY: Spirit Sensitive


I am a certified psychic medium. As a Spirit Sensitive individual my main goal is to bring understanding and communication from Spirit to others. I have completed a multitude of courses and certifications to ensure the legitimacy and validity of my abilities.
Outside of my servitude of Spirit I also work to grow and develop my own education and understanding of both paranormal and cryptid encounters. Even with my abilities I try to approach all investigations and occurrences with a skeptical but open mind that seeks all possibilities and attempts to support any evidence of an occurrence with documentable proof.
I am looking forward to continuing to learn from the amazing members of CAPS and finding new avenues to bring resources, understanding and help to others.

INTERESTING FACTS: Even though I have abilities and consider myself a Spirit Sensitive I have a very analytical mind and think of myself as a skeptic. I feel that having an analytical mind and operating from a point of skepticism allows me to approach situations and investigations from a very balanced perspective.


It is hard to pinpoint what my favorite paranormal experience is, I have had many throughout the course of my life. When I tried to answer the question about a paranormal experience I’ve had an experience that happened when testing some new equipment for paranormal investigations came to mind.

Myself and 2 of my colleagues were testing some new equipment, that included a spirit box at a local graveyard. I was asking if there was any Spirit’s in the graveyard who would like to talk to us. I thought I heard “Bob” through the Spirit box and promptly asked “did you say Bob”?
This time the voice I heard in the Spirit box clearly said “Bob”. I repeated the name.  It was at that time I noticed the face of one of the people I was with. Their jaw was dropped, and they were pointing behind me. I turned around and to my surprise the gravestone marker directly behind me belonged to a man named Robert. This isn’t the craziest of experiences but a very profound one for me!

"In my capacity as a investigator and member of the Wisconsin Cryptids, Anomalies, and Paranormal Society, my objective is to establish a means of supporting both my commitment to assisting others and promoting education on paranormal matters, as well as an equitable way to support my proficiency as a spirit sensitive.

To align with this goal, I am pleased to extend a courtesy 20-minute consultation to clients seeking additional assistance following an investigation or encounter.

For individuals requiring further support beyond the aforementioned parameters, I am extending a one-time 20% discount on my services. This exclusive discount is applicable only to the client(s) personally and within a six-month timeframe from the conclusion of the investigation.

To avail themselves of this discount, clients must be referred specifically to me, Stephanie Lynn, the designated Spirit Sensitive, by Mr. Jones. I am committed to delivering dedicated and professional support to those navigating the complexities of paranormal experiences."

Email -

Stephanie is the host of Soul Flight

Check out her podcast

Stephanie is the former host of Chat with Charlie



NAME: Nico

TITLE: Investigator
SPECIALTY: Spiritualist

BIO: I’ve been interested and studying paranormal for about 6 years.

INTERESTING FACTS: : I am Hellistic Pagan.

MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: I went to the Ohio State Reformatory, which has been abandoned and haunted for many years. As I was walking through the East Cell Block, I heard whistling. Shortly after, something grabbed my wrist as if restraining me.

Nico is the co-host of "That's Queer: An LGBTQ+ Podcast"

Listen on Spotify or watch on Youtube!

NAME: Ruby

TITLE: Investigator/CAPS Academy
SPECIALTY: Photography

BIO: I've lived in Wisconsin my whole life without ever encountering paranormal until I started seeking it. I've always been skeptical, especially with no prior history of anything paranormal occuring. I joined CAPS so I could hopefully learn the difference between what could be real and what's easily mistaken, along with being able to have more encounters.


INTERESTING FACTS: I enjoy collecting bones and specimens, including past pets and random animals I find. My favorite as of now is my scorpion I kept as a pet, he's currently in a jar of formaldehyde in my dining room on display. He's placed right next to a haunted doll I have as well, along with a fox tail, mummified rat, cow jaw, and remains of a bearded dragon. Aside from the oddities, I like knitting and painting in my free time.


MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: I'm quite a skeptic, so I've never had a "bone-chilling" type of experience except for once. I had Barnaby do an investigation on my haunted doll while I was working and nearing the end I decided to go check on the gadgets and gizmos to see if anything was going on. I attempted to walk through the doorway but I felt like I got stopped in my tracks. I couldn't move, I was shaking, and I felt a wave of chills run through my whole body. I've never felt anything like it. I never made it back into the room alone that day.


NAME: Robert

TITLE: Investigator/CAPS Academy

BIO: Originally From Dodge County, Born In Waupan. Currently Living In New Holstein, Calumet County WI.

INTERESTING FACTS: It's Been A Life Long Passion Of Mine To Investigate The Paranormal & I Always Been Interested/Fascinated With These Topics.

MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: Was Only Just A Year Ago, That My Girlfriend & I Were Told By A Friend Who Was With Us. That The Howl The 3 Of Us Heard In The Kettle Moraine Forest At Night Was From A Bigfoot.


TITLE: Investigator

BIO: I've been interested in fae kind since I was in middle school. I always strongly believed they were, and are, real, but had no way to prove it. Being a part of this team gives me a chance to show evidence that fey kind are real.


INTERESTING FACTS: loves the outdoors and being around nature


MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER:  waking up to multiple scratches on arms and close to face. Found a momma cat skeleton in the attic of my house. Occasionally still wake up to long scratches depending on the night.

NAME: "Cosmic Phathom"

TITLE: Investigator
SPECIALTY: Empath/Spiritualist

BIO: spiritualist, crystal collector, bone collector, sensitive to imprinted energies and energies put out by unseen entities. Habitually morbid.

INTERESTING FACTS: Has a lucid dreaming problem to the point sometimes planning projects/thinking continues after fallings asleep. Meditation has been a practice since being a child, so there is no being bored, as any long length of stagnate time will be put to use doing so.

MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: "My Father died of cancer when I was 17. We talked extensively about reaching out to let us (my mother and I) know he made it. He did, in fact he called and left a message. This was at the time of home caller ID. It said "Unknown caller" I went to check the machine it was staticy and sorta strange. My father had a very distinct voice and he said, "I'm good". After that for many years, I would get these weird texts with no number and a strange D with a line through it only as the sender, which was nowhere to be found on the keyboard, and nothing in the body of the text. Just that. I also got him on EVP a few times and a few years ago a ton of odd pictures were taken with my phone in my bedroom at night on his birthday. Not to mention he likes to knock in my kitchen. There is a long story to that though. Just know your loved ones are around guys."

NAME: Michael

TITLE: Investigator

BIO: I am still new to the game, and learning.


INTERESTING FACTS: Grew up Christian, and studying ancient religions. I spent many years researching Greek, and Egyptian history. My family would have Egyptian parties, with traditional food, and clothing.


MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: When we were investigating the Burlington woods at night, we heard a noise and turned and caught something on the FLIR camera right next to us.

NAME: Steve

TITLE: Investigator






NAME: Dustin

TITLE: Paranormal Investigator
SPECIALTY: Spiritual Empath

BIO: I have been ghost hunting since 2011 and am co-lead investigator for Ghost Hunters of Appleton


INTERESTING FACTS: I have a degree in music, I am musician, and avid Tic Tok'er



MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: When I was in the Wabasha Graves, West Saint Paul Minnesota, I got visions of a gun shoot out, and I could hear screams. I heard "you come to die, or help us?"

NAME: Luke

TITLE: Investigator
SPECIALTY: Survivalist

BIO: I have been interested in the outdoors for a very long time slowly increasing my skills to include survivalist training in my local woods. I enjoy being entirely alone n the middle of nowhere, just you and Mother Nature. You learn a lot about yourself in those times. I can say that I am down to earth person who doesn't hurry to get anything done for the sake of doing it right.


INTERESTING FACTS: I have lived in four states, Wisconsin, Ohio, Georgia, and Tennessee, and have hiked the Appalachian Trail as well as several other local trails throughout several different states.


MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: When I was younger (9) I was out in the city of Neenah after dark, and I saw an object moving silently through the sky. It was cylindrical about 50' in diameter with a domed top, and a conical bottom. It was winter and there was no sound from anywhere just the crunching of my boots, it was the oddest thing I have seen to this day, and it sparked my interest in UFO's.

NAME: Eric "Innie"

TITLE: Investigator/CAPS Academy

BIO: Born and raised in the Fox Cities. Free time doesn't exist in my world, there's always something to be done.


INTERESTING FACTS: There's nothing I can't drive, and there's nothing I can't fix.


MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: While Re-doing the stage at Beansnappers, a whole chain of events happened that night, I won't forget that any time soon.

Bigfoot is Hyden: The incredible true story of strange activities in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Bigfoot is Hyden: The incredible true story of strange activities in Michigan's Upper Peninsula


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