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NAME: Barnaby

TITLE: Founder/Lead Investigator
SPECIALTY: Cryptozoology

BIO: Traveled from New York, to California visiting zoos in almost every state.
I've been interested in animals, the paranormal, and cryptozoology for as long as I can remember.


INTERESTING FACTS: Diploma in Cryptozoology. Did a research paper on the Chupacarbra in high school, former Pro-Wrestler and owner of Misery Haunted House.


MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: Had a fake tree violently shaken, then thrown at me by an unknown entity while building sets at Misery Haunted House.


TITLE: Researcher/Investigator

BIO: Born and raised and educated in Wisconsin.

Have traveled throughout the western states.
Enjoy sewing, crafting, creating and exploring, always learning.
Love to read, examining the facts and solving mysteries.

Work involves data research, and problem solving and developing new methods.


INTERESTING FACTS: Have decades of experience with paranormal.  Read and studied many different authors.

Physics :  Sylvia Browne, James Van Praagh, John Edwards. 
Paranormal investigators:  Books and pod casts, and radio shows.  Too many to list.
Encounter Books By:   Mary Sutherland, Linda Godfrey,  Chad Lewis.
Studies of the Ancient Peoples, and Native American Folklore, Effigy Mounds, Fairie Lore and other cryptids.
Also UFO encounters and areas that most of these things take place and why.
Along with enjoying the fiction books that sometimes are more truth than fiction.
Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter series, Fablehaven, DragonWatch, Seekers, Eragon series,
and TV series like Star Trek and Supernatural.  Just have some interesting things to add.


MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: Including many paranormal experiences, ghostly communications,
and other strange photographic anomalies.  The shadow person experience, in my own home, was one of the most memorable experiences, that  I would not like to repeat.   Although, in the Burlington woods,  the occurrence of all the characteristics of a Bigfoot encounter, except the actual sighting of one, was pretty memorable too.  I would like to see a bigfoot, but not too close.

NAME: Derek

TITLE: Medium/Investigator
SPECIALTY: Paranormal

BIO: Been ghost hunting for a little over 10 yrs. I am a spirit medium, and the lead investigator for my own ghost hunting group called Ghosthunters of Appleton (G.O.A)




MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: When I was upstairs at an antique store, I picked a toy truck up and down with the price tag on the outside, I left it alone and when I came back to check on the truck, it was askew with the price tag tucked in. I heard a disembodied voice say "who's there" after I asked if anyone is there.

NAME: Ethan

TITLE: Investigator
SPECIALTY: Outdoors/Hunting

BIO: Originally from Richland Center WI and grew up in a hunting family so I've always been out in the woods and very familiar with the typical sounds and sights.


INTERESTING FACTS: History fanatic and avid scale modeler


MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: While investigating the Burlington Woods, experiencing unidentified movement in the leaves on the ground, that we could not locate or justify the source.

NAME: "Cosmic Phathom"

TITLE: Investigator
SPECIALTY: Empath/Spiritualist

BIO: spiritualist, crystal collector, bone collector, sensitive to imprinted energies and energies put out by unseen entities. Habitually morbid.


INTERESTING FACTS: Has a lucid dreaming problem to the point sometimes planning projects/thinking continues after fallings asleep. Meditation has been a practice since being a child, so there is no being bored, as any long length of stagnate time will be put to use doing so.


MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: "My Father died of cancer when I was 17. We talked extensively about reaching out to let us (my mother and I) know he made it. He did, in fact he called and left a message. This was at the time of home caller ID. It said "Unknown caller" I went to check the machine it was staticy and sorta strange. My father had a very distinct voice and he said, "I'm good". After that for many years, I would get these weird texts with no number and a strange D with a line through it only as the sender, which was nowhere to be found on the keyboard, and nothing in the body of the text. Just that. I also got him on EVP a few times and a few years ago a ton of odd pictures were taken with my phone in my bedroom at night on his birthday. Not to mention he likes to knock in my kitchen. There is a long story to that though. Just know your loved ones are around guys."

NAME: Luke

TITLE: Investigator
SPECIALTY: Survivalist

BIO: I have been interested in the outdoors for a very long time slowly increasing my skills to include survivalist training in my local woods. I enjoy being entirely alone n the middle of nowhere, just you and Mother Nature. You learn a lot about yourself in those times. I can say that I am down to earth person who doesn't hurry to get anything done for the sake of doing it right.


INTERESTING FACTS: I have lived in four states, Wisconsin, Ohio, Georgia, and Tennessee, and have hiked the Appalachian Trail as well as several other local trails throughout several different states.


MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: When I was younger (9) I was out in the city of Neenah after dark, and I saw an object moving silently through the sky. It was cylindrical about 50' in diameter with a domed top, and a conical bottom. It was winter and there was no sound from anywhere just the crunching of my boots, it was the oddest thing I have seen to this day, and it sparked my interest in UFO's.

NAME: Dustin

TITLE: Paranormal Investigator
SPECIALTY: Spiritual Empath

BIO: I have been ghost hunting since 2011 and am co-lead investigator for Ghost Hunters of Appleton


INTERESTING FACTS: I have a degree in music, I am musician, and avid Tic Tok'er



MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: When I was in the Wabasha Graves, West Saint Paul Minnesota, I got visions of a gun shoot out, and I could hear screams. I heard "you come to die, or help us?"

NAME: Michael

TITLE: Investigator

BIO: I am still new to the game, and learning.


INTERESTING FACTS: Grew up Christian, and studying ancient religions. I spent many years researching Greek, and Egyptian history. My family would have Egyptian parties, with traditional food, and clothing.


MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: When we were investigating the Burlington woods at night, we heard a noise and turned and caught something on the FLIR camera right next to us.

NAME: Simon

TITLE: Investigator
SPECIALTY: Spiritualist

BIO: I’ve been interested and studying paranormal for about 6 years.


INTERESTING FACTS: : I am Hellistic Pagan.


MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER: I went to the Ohio State Reformatory, which has been abandoned and haunted for many years. As I was walking through the East Cell Block, I heard whistling. Shortly after, something grabbed my wrist as if restraining me.


TITLE: Investigator






NAME: Steve

TITLE: Investigator





NAME: Skylar

TITLE: Investigator





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