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Below are the tools and equiptment we use on our investigations and more information on what each does, and how we use it.



KII Electro-Magnetic Field Detector (EMF)

Used to detect variations in the Electro magnetic field.
Some people believe that the paranormal use this energy to manifest.
Investigators use this tool to try and communicate with entities by asking yes/no questions and asking the entity to make the meter light up with a higher reading as a yes answer.

5 LED signals for different level of magnetic field:
Green (1) - Normal magnetic field (0 - 1.5 mG)
Green (2) - Low level magnetic field (1.5 - 2.5 mG)
Yellow - Mid level magnetic field (2.5 - 10 mG)
Orange - High level magnetic field (10 - 20 mG)
Red - Extreme high level magnetic field ( Greater than 20mG)

Ghost Meter

Used to give an audio notification of EMF fluctuations, this version of the EMF meter uses light, sound, and a needle graph to show levels of EMF.

The Ghost Meter has been calibrated to ignore the extremely subtle EMF emissions surrounding the human body.


The REM-POD will alert with both LED lights and an audible tone of any possible spirit activity around it since it reacts to energy changes in its proximity. The REM-POD also has ATDD function. ATDD = Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection. If the temperature surrounding the REM-POD increases or decreases, the REM-POD will alert you for every +5/-5 degrees Fahrenheit.

FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera

Hand held Thermal imaging camera, it allows us to search using hot/cold signatures, it will clearly show what is around us even in pitch black.
It allows us to located heat signatures from creatures in the woods, even through light brush cover, and high in trees.
Keeps us safe from the know creatures in the woods, as well as unknown.

Cold spots or signatures could indicated vortex, or spirits as well, allowing us to use to hunt ghost and creature alike.

Night Vision Binocular Camera

Full spectrum night vision binoculars include video and picture capabilities that let us document near and far on night investigations.

EDI Meter

Multi-Function hand held device that can record and save all data collected for future analysis.

EMF Meter with Sound

The EDI+ utilizes a highly sensitive Electromagnetic Field Sensor detecting even small changes in the electromagnetic field around the device. The display shows you an exact reading of the EMF strength in addition to a traditional lighted scale. You will also hear when spikes occur with an audible tone indicating EMF spikes. Theories within the ghost hunting field suggest that these spikes may signify activity or communication from spirits on the other side.


Ambient Thermometer
The EDI contains an ambient temperature sensor with a real-time digital display. In addition to the digital readout there are LED light indicators that light to alert you to spikes or drops in temperature. Blue when the temperature drops and orange/red when it gets warmer.

Vibration Sensor
The EDI contains a highly sensitive geophone for detecting vibration. A built-in accelerometer is programmed to pick up the slightest movement on the surface it is sitting on. Even a small touch on the table will set off the indicator panel. This features is very helpful on cases with reported footsteps, knocking and moving objects.

Air Pressure
Detects changes in pressure. The readout will display the live readings.


Detects humidity within the air around the unit.

Ovilus 5

Small hand device with a lot of useful tools inside.

The Ovilus has several modes of opperation including:

Draw Mode: Draws blocks across the screen in colors derived from environmental readings.This mode is a different method of ITC. Draw Mode typically draws static or gray blocks in low energy areas.However,  sometimes the high energy triggers the Ovilus V to draw very interesting screens.

Dictionary Mode: Words are voiced from the on-board dictionary based on environmental readings. The Ovilus V does not employ any random generation or algorithm to create speech in any sequence or structured form. When energy changes are detected, the magnitude of the change is used to select 1 of 2048 predefined words.

Energy Mode: Displays energy level readings in a sine wave style. In Energy Mode, energy displays similar to an oscilloscope. Showing the wave allows you to visualize how dynamic energy fields are rather than only showing an averaged number like a magnetometer does.


Motion Mode: Motion Mode allows you to visualize vibration. A great way to watch for footsteps on a staircase or ask for something to touch the device.

Phonetic Mode: In Phonetic Mode there are not even predefined words- just the building blocks of speech themselves. In Phonetic Mode, both Male and Female phonemes are included.

True/False Mode: Measures energy to provide a true or false reading. True / False Mode is designed to create a green light based on energy readings increasing and a red light based on them decreasing. When the reading is high or low enough, the True or False light will glow.

Proximity Mode: Energy levels display in a radial graph.  Proximity mode is similar to energy mode in the data it uses, but it allows for a different view and a proximity trigger. While Proximity Mode may appear to respond to vibration, it is actually responding static and electromagnetic field. 

The Rook EMF Meter
with sound
by GhostStop, detects small changes in electromagnetic energy and alerts with lights and sound. This detector is specifically designed for ghost hunting with an emphasis on detecting energy changes and proximity so you can be alerted to a presence and track down the source easily. The Rook is fortified to reduce outside interference and false readings. The Rook is built from our experience as paranormal investigators with features we need for quality evidence and source tracking.

The SBox Ghost Scanner
is a spirit box radio frequency sweep scanner and recorder for paranormal research. SBox includes many other features to aid in making your investigations easier while providing quality evidence documentation.
*Although our team finds these very open to interpretation, we find that using the "Estes Method" popularized by the show Hellier we have been able to get good results.

Boo Bear (BooBuddy)
BooBuddy's mission is to investigate the paranormal with us promoting positive response and letting us know when the environment changes. BooBuddy asks EVP questions in order to trigger a response. If anything changes (EMF, motion, temperature) BooBuddy will respond appropriately, letting us know that we may not be alone.

Geiger Counter/Nuclear Radiation Detector

Features include real time visualization for radiation. This product can not only use as a warning for disaster, such as Fukushima nuclear plant explosion. But can also help prevent from entering high radiation areas. - Detectable Energy Range: 0.1~3.0 Me - VOwn Background: 0,2 Pulses/s - Working Voltage: 3.2-4.0VLCD

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Bigfoot is Hyden: The incredible true story of strange activities in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Bigfoot is Hyden: The incredible true story of strange activities in Michigan's Upper Peninsula


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